Polish Rats of Tobruk Immigrants


Copied from Trove and provided by Lucyna Artimiuk, from the Polish Museum in Hobart, Australia.


280 Poles on way to Aust.
LONDON, Sat. — Two hundred and eighty Polish soldiers, all members of the Rats of Tobruk Association, will leave England for Australia in the liner Asturias on August 29.
They have been specially selected for work on the Tasmanian hydro-electric scheme,and will travel as a military unit under the command of a British Major.
They will be discharged from military service when they arrive in Australia.
They will be admitted to Australia on condition that they remain in the employ of the Tasmanian Hydro-ElectricCommission for two years.
Before leaving for New York on the Queen Elizabeth today, Immigration Minister Calwell said the British Government had agreed to make available
the Asturias for another voyage to Australia in November.
She would carry 1400 migrants.


Following is a Story by one of the Polish Rats of Tobruk, who came to Australia after WW2.

Many of these men started a new life in Tasmania, most working for the Hydro Commission of Tasmania.


https://www.hydro.com.au/the-spill/the-spill/2018/11/09/the-veterans-who-helped-build-hydro-tasmania-tony-rosmaryniewicz )


Thank You, Tony Rozmaryniewicz.

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