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No Surrender

In April 1941, the Battle Of Tobruk began,

And the diggers yelled defiantly, "Come and get us if you can.

We know the importance of this place, it is a strategic site.

So if you want it, come and get it, we're ready for the fight."

Now Rommel and his Afrika Korps had never known defeat,
And the "Desert Fox" as he was called, would be very hard to beat.

But for eight long months the diggers fought, they fought a fight so fine.

And in the end Tobruk was held; the Diggers held the line.

And you know they held a simple creed that really spurred them on.

A simple truth, a guiding truth that they based their fight upon.

And it was this creed, this simple creed that always pulled them through,
"No surrender. No surrender." It was a way of living too.

Chorus:And their truth was simple and it echoed through the land.

And their truth was simple; it was held by every man.

There will be no surrender, we'll never give in.

There will be no surrender, you know you cannot win.

There will be no surrender, what we have is what we hold.

And we'll stand by that truth, and we'll live by that truth,

                           Till we grow old ......... till we grow old.

So out in the desert near Tobruk history was made.

For eight long months they stuck it out, surviving every raid.

And the legend of the "Rats" was born, thanks Lord Haw-Haw for that.

The mighty Diggers of Tobruk, the Diggers we call Rats. (Chorus)

And it's not so much this single battle, there were other battles too.

And soldiers who were young and old, died for me and you.

But it was all about this mighty oath, that stirred them day and night.
"No surrender. No surrender." It was their guiding light. (Chorus)

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