William (Bill) Anthony Cole RUDD, VX39694, 2/7 Field Coy RAE 9 Division, DoB 7 December 1917.

Bill Rudd was captured by the Germans at Ruin Ridge, El Alamein, on 28 July 1942, along with many others, about a battalion quickly became POWs. He escaped from an Italian Camp in Italy and, with others, made his way over the Swiss Alps to freedom.


May I suggest you have a read of his great website - it has a wealth of information about some of our Rat POWs.


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Also, a great interview with Bill RUDD OAM.


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Some years ago I had the privilege of having met Bill RUDD OAM - Although Bill was not a Rat of Tobruk, having disembarked in the Middle East 25/09/1941 and his Unit 2/7 Fld Coy left Tobruk 27/09/1941, I invited him down to Tobruk House to meet up with some of the Rats of Tobruk Veterans, who also Served at El Alamein. I found him to be a wonderful Gentleman, as they all were.

Owen Carlton.


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