Taken from www.ww2talk.com/forum  and supposedly accounts for All Units that were there.


This was the Order of Battle for Tobruk April 1941 which repulsed Rommels first advance on Tobruk.


·HQ 9th Aust Div & Tobruk Fortress


o9th Aust Div Intelligence Sec


HQ 3rd Armoured Bde (60 x tanks working; another 26 tanks in repair)


o3rd Hussars/5 the Royal Tanks (Det 4 x light tanks and 18 x cruisers)
1st Royal Tank Regt (Det 15 x light tanks and 19 x cruisers)
1st Kings Dragoon Guards (30 x armored cars)
4th Royal Tank Regt (Troop of 4 x infantry tanks)


18th Cavalry Regt (Indian)
HQ Royal Horse Artillery


o1st RHA Regt (16 x 25-pounders)
3d RHA (minus one btry) (16 x 2-pounder antitank guns)
104th RHA Regt (16 x 25-pounders)
107th RHA Regt (16 x 25-pounders)
51st Field Regt (12 x 18-pounders and 12 x 4.5 inch how)
2-3rd Aust Antitank Regt (Unk no., type, Bofors
(minus one btry) 37-mm; Breda 47/32-mm; 2-pounders)


HQ Royal Australian Engineers


o2-3d Aust Field Company
2-7th Aust Field Company
2-13th Aust Field Company
2-4th Aust Field Company
2-4th Aust Field Park Company
2-1st Aust Pioneer Battalion


Signals 9th Aust Div
HQ 18th Aust Inf Bde


oSig Sec
16th Aust Antitank Company
2-9th Aust Inf Bn
2-10th Aust Inf Bn
2-12th Aust Inf Bn


HQ 20th Aust Inf Bde


oSig Sec
20th Aust Antitank Company
2-13th Aust Inf Bn
2-15th Aust Inf Bn
2-17th Aust Inf Bn


HQ 24th Aust Inf Bde (-) (2-25th Inf Bn still in Australia)


oSig Sec
24th Aust Antitank Co
2-28th Aust Inf Bn
2-43d Aust Inf Bn


HQ 26th Aust Inf Bde


oSig Sec
26th Aust Antitank Co
2-23d Aust Inf Bn
2-24th Aust Inf Bn
2-48th Aust Inf Bn


1 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (Machine Gun Bn)
HQ Aust Army Service Corps (AASC)


o9th Aust Div Supply Column
9th Aust Div Ammunition Co
9th Aust Div Petroleum Co
Composite Co AASC
7th Aust Div Supply Column
2-3d Aust Field Ambulance Co
2-8th Aust Field Ambulance Co
2-11th Aust Field Ambulance Co
2-5th Aust Field Ambulance Co
2-4th Field Hygiene Co
9th Aust Div Provost Co
9th Aust Div Protection Platoon
9th Aust Div Empl Platoon
9th Aust Div Postal Unit
9th Aust Salvage Unit


Fortress Troops
Royal Artillery
HQ 4th Antiaircraft (AA) Bde


o13th Light AA Regt
14th Light AA Regt
51st Heavy AA Regt
3d Aust Light AA Regt


Notts Yeomanry (coast defense)
Royal Engineers (under chief royal engineer, 9th Aust Div)


o295th Field Co Royal Engineers
551st Tps Co Royal Engineers
4th Field Sqd Royal Engineers
143d Field Park Troops


Signals (under Cdr Signals, 9th Aust Div)


oK Base Section
27th Line Maintenance Section


Royal Army Service Corps (RASC)


o309th Reserve Motor Co
345th Reserve Motor Co
550th Co
RASC 4th Lt AA Bde
RASC Sec 13th Lt AA Regt
No. 1 Water Tank Co




o16th MAC


Ordnance (Royal Army Ordnance Corps [RAOC])


o2d Armoured Div Workshops RAOC
Y Army Tank Receiving Section, RAOC 2d Spt Gp Ord Field Park Sec, RAOC
A Sec Ord Field Park AAOC
2-1st AFW AAOC


§Det 2-2d AFW AAOC


Tobruk Subarea

HQ Tobruk Subarea


o1st Libyan Refugee Bn
2d Libyan Refugee Bn
4th Libyan Refugee Bn
HQ 45th Group
1205th Indian Pioneer Co
1206th Indian Pioneer Co
1207th Indian Pioneer Co
Libyan Work Bn
Army Post Office
H Adv Stationary Depot
Transit Camp


Misc Detachments:
Greek Civilians
POW Cage



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