The Heroes of Tobruk

Who comprise those gallant heroes, and where did they come from
Renowned in song and story, Aussies some thousands strong?

They are composed of Macs and O’s, with Smiths and Jones combined
With Camerons and Campbells to fortify the line.
Now famed the wide world over for the blows they gave and took
On the sandy plains of Africa, in and round Tobruk.

Now, what inspired such valour, many thousand miles from home?
It was not lust of conquest – they had plenty of their own.
It was for faith and freedom, and Australia’s honour, too,
And to stem the tide of evil and tyranny subdue.

Urged on by noble sentiments, the Aussies cannot fail.
For God and King and Country, their arms will prevail.
You may scan all history’s pages, but wherever you may look,
You’ll never meet with braver than the heroes of Tobruk.

                                                    James Sweeney (1943)