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Website Audit Update

12/03/24  Records in Bold, other numbers are from September 2023,November 2023,  December 2023 and March 2024

Most of the recent additions have come from an effort to complete 2/12 Battalion Rats. We have also deleted many Non-qualified rats as records have become available. 

Total Records =   23,680 23,929 23,730 23,824 24,151

Tobruk Army Aus =  20,430 20,677 20,479 20,573 20,898
Tobruk RAN Aus = 1247
Tobruk RAAF Aus = 85
Tobruk Fallen – Aust = 2584 2569 2609 2607
Tobruk POW = 1173 1154 1161 1139 1158
Tobruk Army UK = 1189
Tobruk RN UK = 65
Tobruk RAF = 34

Tobruk Army Polish = 593

Tobruk Fallen – Polish = 133 
Tobruk Army Czech = 9
Living Rats – Aust = 1

UnConfirmed Rats Can be identified in the Roll with an "X" this indicates that the record has not yet been reviewed. Generally all of the records are visible at NAA, but this process will take some time

Confirmed Rats - Can be identified in the Roll with a "Y" this indicates that the NAA record has been reviewed and or a unit diary entry indicates confirmation.

Rats that can't be confirmed as there is no record available - We have introduced a 3rd status "NA" for records that NAA has not at present made available. This is mainly because these records are still held by the armed forces records departments. Often the men concerned had post war military careers.

Undeterminable RecordsCan be identified in the Roll with a "ND" this indicates that we have no way of knowing if the individual was at Tobruk even with a record available. For example 2/2 AFW only 6 recovery were at Tobruk and there is currently no unit diary.


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Remember the Rats of Tobruk Motto - "No Surrender" and "What We Have - We Hold"

Let us all assist; in Keeping the FLAME Burning, in Memory of All Rats of Tobruk, who Served with the Allied Forces involved in the Siege of Tobruk.


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Thank You Everyone for your continued support of my Rats of Tobruk Project. Owen Carlton, A Proud Aussie Nasho, Ex ROTA Melbourne, DOTROTA.

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